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Analog Film | Photographing and Processing

November 8, 2015

Personally I still love shooting film for the added challenge, how it slows me down, the aesthetic, and the surprise when I finally get my film developed. Shooting film has made me a more disciplined photographer, and also improved my wedding and street photography in general. Shooting film isn’t necessarily better than shooting digital, it is just different, has a soul and a beautiful texture that normally I spend hours of adding that to my digital files.Film brings my creative vision to life for me. Film brings my creative vision to life for me.

Bellow is the process of my Photographic Darkroom Film Processing images and couple of samples what it was captured on film on one of my wedding shoot couple of weeks ago.

Black and White Photography Darkroom

September 9, 2014

Finally my Darkroom is done and ready to print traditional black and white fine art prints. In this Digital era we all almost forgotten how beautiful the prints are printed from film in a wet dark room. The Fiber based black and white paper is the most beautiful of all, no other printing of any other kind can look better than this.