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Ideas and wishes for your wedding day

April 18, 2015

When it comes to weddings everyone has different dream or style for their wedding day. Whether those dreams become reality depends on budget and compromise. It could be a case of having a cocktail function or in lieu of a sit-down dinner so you can afford to invite 100 - 200 people. Or perhaps you have a super wedding location with a few family members and friends in lieu of a more traditional wedding and honeymoon.

Wedding ideas in a nutshell

For this reason it is important that you and your husband-to-be sit down early in the planning stages and discuss your wedding ideas to choose what is important to both of you. The answers will vary.

There’s lots of wedding planning options available that you are only limited by your creativity and imagination.

· Wedding style you like, details you will have.

· The Budget and how much you can realistically afford for your wedding

· Preliminary list of guests

With a sense of what you need your wedding celebration to look like, and how much you are prepared to spend on it, you are prepared to embark on your wedding planning journey.

To start you off, think about this:

For lots of brides, your wedding will be the largest event you ever plan. It is a day when all eyes are on you and your groom. You need all of your designs to go smoothly; wedding photographer to choose, and you feel immense pressure thrust on you by your own expectations and those of your family and friends.

Making your wedding ideas a reality

They offer you tip’s and suggestions that you may not have thought about, and that help trigger fresh ideas of your own. They hope that you will find these useful and that you will share your own wedding ideas and wedding planning knowledge with us along the way!

The knowledge in the Wedding Ideas Guide will help you navigate the marriage planning method with thought-provoking wedding ideas that help you generate the celebration of your dreams.

Best wishes for a tremendous wedding day.

From the team Eye To Eye Photography