Candid Wedding Photographer Melbourne

I have always loved photography and loved the stories behind it. I still love shooting film, Candid Photography.

Eye To Eye Photography has captured countless images that left massive impression in the wedding industry and peoples life’s. They are able to tell stories that evoke emotions, which urge people to make changes in their view. They have made differences through their photography, which has changed the photography style’s.

Every wedding is completely different. Every couple adds something new. I don’t like being in the way, Peter says, but prefer to capture the moments of the day in a very relaxed style. I shoot and walk in with a sense of naivety. I capture the events as they happen. I don’t have to tell the groomsmen to fight or dad to hug his daughter, he probably will anyway. I know the story is there, all the beauty, the characters and details, so all I need to do is Record it. I love telling stories and there is nothing I love more.

Pouring our heart and soul into our work, never sacraficing quality and taking the time necessary to make images that you’ll cherish, is simply who Eye To Eye Photography is.

So today We are a Fine Art Photography, Documentary, storytelling wedding photographers, capturing the vibe and the special moments of the day in a most unobtrusive unique timeless style.

Anyway, that’s our story.

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“Photographing the Art of Life.” Peter Tancevski